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InnSæi: Health for
Mind and Body, LLC

the sea within

to see inside

to see inside out

InnSæi is an ancient Icelandic term translated to mean "the sea within". It is often interpreted as to see within oneself and to see from the inside out. 

In my practice as a Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner I work with children, adolescents or adults and family members as appropriate to identify each person's individual strengths and areas of need. These qualities influence how each individual perceives, interprets and responds to their internal and external environment. Diagnosis and treatment are individualized and based on a person's unique qualities. 

Treatment success is enhanced when the patient and provider along with family members if appropriate work together. In my practice there is commitment from all members to develop and adhere to a mutually agreed upon treatment plan. 

Treatment success is enhanced with lifestyle changes that can include improvements of nutritional intake, sleep, physical activity, attention to health conditions and management of life stress. Referral to other providers may be indicated and may include primary care providers, specialty care providers, nutritionists, counselors, therapists, or alternative practitioners.

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